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Main module - MPeV6

Main module - MPeV6 see gallery (3)
Main module - MPeV6


Quantity in bundle: 1 pcs.

$112.00 Cheaper in the bundle!

Main module the MPeV6 computer

Current sensor for MPe

Current sensor for MPe see gallery (3)
Current sensor for MPe


Quantity in bundle: 1 pcs.

$37.33 Cheaper in the bundle!

Current sensor (up to 200 A)



Set includes also:

  • connection diagram, user manual and MPe configuration manual with description of parameters, cable ties, package, technical assistance

The kit does not include:

  • display (MaxiColor 850C - this should be added separately to the shopping cart)
  • optional modules - (e.g. MPeBT module for MPe to connect with smartphone, universal programming for firmware updates)
  • other components necessary for the entire vehicle to work with the MPe system, such as: power-on switch, throttle, PAS cadence sensor, temperature sensor, motor, motor controller, BMS, battery, and others not mentioned above



To start the MPe system, you will need either the display or the MPeBT module - remember to add these separately to your shopping cart.



To learn the technical details of individual components of an MPe computer:

  • click on the product name (see above: Bundled products)

The following part of the announcement includes:

  • detailed information about MPe computer
  • video with the MPe system working

  • the cost of the MPe computer in comparison with the exemplary, total cost of building an electric bike

  • downloads (including MPe instructions, user manual, firmware update)

  • related products

Information about MPe computer

The MPe computer, or „the brain of an electric vehicle" is the command center of your electric bike. The MPe is a device that manages the controller and also provides a lot of information to the cyclist. The system is installed mainly on ebikes, electric tricycles and even monster ebikes.

The MPe computer is the one and only such a system in Europe that with its functions, versatility and design distinguishes itself on the electromobility market. The MPe system is dedicated to vehicles built from scratch, mainly electric bicycles. Its unique features and number of capabilities have already been appreciated by many users. The system itself is very successful.

Let yourself and your e-bike to make a safe and comfortable ride:

  • From now on, you will reach your destination safely, with electricity. You can bike relaxed because you always know how many kilometers/miles you can ride with motor assist.

  • Have yourself an extra pleasure of riding an e-bike. Relieve your thumb with pedal assist – this will help you take care of your physical health too. There is possibility of adding a pedaling assist system (PAS) with torque sensor and/or caddence sensor, even to those controllers that do not allow it by default (it fits any type of controller available on the market, compatible torque sensor: eRider T9). Among others this feature makes the MPe computer unique on the market, and our solution is the only one that was created in Europe. So on the bike, we have two assist solutions . And most importantly, PAS (pedal assist system) operation is smooth. You can also configure it as you like. For example you can set a minimum start speed above which PAS assistance is activated, for each assistance level separately. It is also possible to start from standstill, without a thumb throttle, just by pressing the pedal. You can activate or deactivate PAS assistance, for each assistance level separately.

  • Driving in various terrain types (mountains, lowlands, forest, asphalt, city) is different. Provide yourself and your bike a riding comfort. You can set up to 5 assist levels according to your needs.

  • Would you like to move and accelerate your vehicle with increased power? No problem. The option of increased power when starting off and after resuming pedaling (so-called PAS BOOST), which allows you faster acceleration of the vehicle when starting off or accelerating after braking. You can set a start and maximum cadence, to which MPe will increase power linearly, for each assistance level separately.

  • The gas throttle does not always have to be so sensitive to its deflection. You can adjust its sensitivity too. It's different response time can be also adjusted for each assistance level separately (so called - soft start). It can be set so that the given assist level does not give more than 1000W.



    Do you like hard ride on rough terrain? In such conditions, your bike may be more quickly exposed to overheating of the motor or motor controller. Now you don't have to worry about that anymore.The MPe computer will cut off the power itself and restart only when the temperature is at a safe level. You can also monitor on the display what is the actual value of these temperatures. You will know when you need to let go of some madness. The drive is also cut off when the battery voltage is at low level.


  • The big advantage of the MPe computer is that it works flawlessly, also with very powerful vehicles:

    - maximum measured current 200A (depends on the PowerPCB version)

    - supported battery voltage 30-92V (temporarily max. 100V) / 10S to 22S Li-ion


    Want to reduce the vehicle’s power and speed (250W, 25km/h)? You can do it within just 2 seconds. You can freely configure the speed limit the locked (250W, 25km/h) and unlocked (without restrictions) modes, for each assistance level separately. 

  • You are tired, you do not want to pedal, your thumb starts to get tired. After all, you want to go further. Add cruise control function and the bike will keep going by itself. With the touch of a button you also have the option of reducing or increasing the speed you set at the beginning. Works in square-wave, sine-wave and vector drive controllers (e.g. Sabvoton).



    You can read and set all parameters of your e-bike via your dedicated smartphone application (Android). Particularly appreciated by people who are not necessarily fans of handlebar displays, but would like to use the opportunities that MPe computer can give them. For all MPe computer sets with display, the „MPeBT module" must be purchased separately.

Even more options:

  • a large number of configuration options - approx. 100 settings
  • fits all types of batteries, among others Li-ion, Li-Po, LiFePO, Pb

  • control electronics separated from the display = order in the cables
  • possibility of handling the speed signal from the hall sensor at the motor or the reed switch sensor mounted at the spokes

  • protection against false readings from a damaged current sensor

Additional useful parameters:

  • number of battery charge cycles

  • the battery level indicator updates even when it is partially charged

  • battery voltage

  • current drawn from the battery + peak current memory (erasable)

  • power consumed from the battery + peak power memory (erasable)

  • amount of ampere-hours used from the battery

  • amount of battery watt-hours used

  • amount of watt-hours used to travel one kilometer (Wh/km)

  • two temperature readings from sensors such as: LM35, NTC10k, KTY83

Parameters related to movement:

  • speed up to 199km/h or 199mph + remembering the maximum speed

  • daily distance

  • total distance

  • riding time

  • average speed

  • crank speed (cadence)

We invite you to watch the episode of riding tests on two different e-bikes (12000W⚡️ vs 3000W⚡️)
using our MPe computer.
In YouTube settings, use the option to enable subtitles for this video.

The cost of the MPe computer in comparison with the exemplary, total cost of building an electric bike (including the purchase of the MPe computer).



The most important for us is the satisfaction and trust of our customers. We always try to provide the best technological solution to the market. We are glad that we offer this system. We also know how valuable is, among others technical assistance. Thanks to our extensive, many years of experience, we will help solve any problems. 


The whole project was designed and created by a Polish engineer and is manufactured in Poland.

We also encourage you to read reviews about the store, our services, as well as the MPe computer.

In case of any doubts, please contact us by phone or via the contact form.



Detailed information


Presentation and instructions

All installation instructions and presentation of MPe computer operation are available on our YouTube channel.

In YouTube settings, use the option to enable subtitles.

  playlist: MPe - presentations and instructions 



Website BIKEL.PL

We also invite you to visit our website, where:

  • all necessary instructions and downloads are available: GO TO WEBSITE
  • you can download the present version of the firmware: GO TO WEBSITE

  • there is more information about the construction of the device: GO TO WEBSITE





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