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At work, we follow our motto:

 „Providing to the buyer the best, technological solutions.

Our customers' satisfaction is the most important for us, that is why we take care of every detail."


„Are you satisfied with our service?"
(survey, in which over 130 people took part)


Opinions of surveyeds:
„You are cool"
„Nobody from the e-bikers world explains at this level as you, Mark!"

"You are the man 🙂 Will order the MPe 🙂 Thanks a lot"

The computer has just arrived, thanks for the fast shipping"

Thanks for the advice. It's nice that such a company was established in Poland and that you are growing."

Professionalism and expert advice"

Full profession, I highly recommend."

„A new solid store for electric bike fans 




Maran (opinion from the forum pojazdyelektryczne.org):

"I have one too! I do not have comparsion to other computers but for the next construction I would also take MPe. The PAS and its setting options are great. I stopped using the throttle, only sometimes when I start :)
As for the display, I only have the small one and it is enough, I check the parameters at a standstill. While driving, I use the smartphone to display the speed, maps, etc.
There is only one thing that keeps me awake at night;) I ride my bike to work, leave it overnight in the parking lot and I have concerns if some fool will steal this small display, hoping that he will make money on it. I would like to be able to detach it and take it with me.
But overall the MPe is super cool!"


MG Bikes:

„Recently, I was tempted by the famous MPe computer from Marek from Bikel.pl and I can honestly say that I do not regret a single zloty invested in this equipment 😃

It makes me discover my e-bike practically anew, gaining access to a whole lot of parameters.
In other words - I recommend a lot



„I have already built three electric assist bikes in which I used the MPe computer. In my opinion, it is the best available on the market supplement to any ebike, which extends the functionality of any motor controller.
The biggest advantages of MPe, apart from the features described in the instructions, are:

  • the ability to freely set parameters for each assist mode (hint: it is worth noting that it is not necessarily sensible to set the parameters of the modes in the order from the weakest to the highest support, especially when using MPe with a torque sensor in bottom bracket)
  • possibility to work in various configurations (display types, BT module, PAS and / or torque sensor)
  • well-organized display of parameters
  • ergonomic design of the miniOLED display
  • extensive technical description (manual, website, YT videos, blog) including the process of installation, first run and setting operating parameters
  • the possibility of "experimenting" with the operating parameters and adapting them to vehicles with different supply voltages, powers and types of motors
  • the ability to upload subsequent versions of the software
  • preview of the status of the throttle and the torque sensor in bottom bracket, which facilitates setting the bike's operating parameters.

The MPe box, which is worth emphasizing, contains a full set of materials needed to mount the device on the bike and full descriptions and wiring diagrams for its various versions.

For more advanced designers, it is recommended to order MPe with a set of connectors (screw connections) not soldered.
This allows all control cables to be soldered, which increases the reliability of the structure.

I consider the idea and construction of MPe to be a great concept in terms of engineering and technology, very well designed in terms of hardware and firmware. MPe is worth recommending to every electric vehicle constructor for which the factory display assigned to a given controller creates limitations and blocks the possibility of expansion.
MPe greatly increases the functionality of the vehicle and thus
and most importantly, in terms of use - it gives you great driving pleasure!

It is also invaluable to consult Mark - MPe constructor in case of doubts or problems during commissioning and use of the device of his production."



„I use the MPe in a tricycle built for me by my Dad.
Thanks to MPe, I can choose different assist modes depending on the type of road on which I am driving. For example, mode 2 and 3 supports me in driving on forest and gravel roads, and I turn on mode 4 on asphalt roads. I leave Mode 5 for special situations when I need to speed up a lot.
I use the throttle mainly when starting from a standstill.
It is amazing to be able to see in MPe the distance in km left to the necessary charging of the bike. It changes depending on the way you ride, so I can accelerate a bit or drive sharper when the MPe shows a long distance and high bike charge, and slow down and use lower modes when the displayed range is already small, and home relatively far away.



MPe works great 😀. This is what was missing in my ebike and honestly worth the price .... I could write a nice essay here about the feeling of driving 😉. If in the future I will build another ebike, I can't imagine not having MPe."




Concerns training videos (on YouTube channel) about MPe computer Playlist: „I'm watching your last movie on YT right now. Well done. Colors (material processing), content, calm voice ... Great. Congratulations! I am glad to have your product. 😁 Regards"


ABOUT MPeV6 computer 


Opinions of the surveyeds:

  • „If I had to make such a computer, I would like it to come out just like that 😊"
  • „The MPe is the best and most versatile component in my vehicle. It is a great product that combines almost all available technologies in e-bike."
  • „I have 3 MPe and I am happy with them"


„The best MPe V6 computer for pedaling assistance. For normal and powerful electric vehicles. It works perfectly every time. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"


ElectroBike/Ebike Tychy:

We also equipped it with the Mpe computer, which we named the Product of the Year🏆🚲"



Hello to all Bikelers!
After a few weeks, the Kona bike is fun again. As you can see in the attached picture, the MPE works great.

Luk Tar:

Thanks Bikel.pl for amazing MPe computers. (EPIC)."


MPe version (V6) with MaxiColor 850C display:
MPe works perfectly, congratulations on the idea and implementation of the project."



I think it's time to write a few words about MPe and cooperation with bikel.pl.

I am probably one of the first MPe retail users. Purchase made just after the release and its adaptation to the quite specific cruiser construction of my bike. From the first announcements of the computer, I knew that I had to buy and test it. The information Mark gave about him during the video on the channel "Taba on a bike / taba na rowerze" meant that I had high hopes with him (computer all-in-one). This is not the first watt meter in my constructions, so there was something to compare with.

I used typical wattmeters (eg Battery Coulometer TK15), "pikacz", wattmeter Michael's LCD v02 and LCD V05, or at the time the most-developed EV computer, by the way, all the time in use in my other bike (it fulfills its role, but but I wanted something more). Especially in terms of operation and PAS settings. And here Mark appears with his MPe. So purchase, connection, first ride and hmmm, quite a few settings and some technical problems. A few phone conversations and finally Mark's visit to finish everything. For me, this was not a big problem because in some ways I expected it, after all, it is a new, rather complicated product, and the constructions in which it can be used so much that everything can not be predicted. Nevertheless, everything was connected and set up. When it comes to use, I finally managed to add parameters so that everything went as expected (MPeSet application is helpful). And through all this PAS mode worked as I wanted. Without the feeling of jerking or "swimming" power and speed with the ability to set cadence. At that time, I was using the Sabvoton ML60 as a controller in my bike. In the meantime, several updates that removed minor problems and added functionalities meant that I didn't even think that something else could be changed. Therefore, info on the new V6 firmware was a big surprise, however. And to be honest, I was very interested in what has changed. In the meantime, additional information about the new display has even more sharpened expectations, because in fact I expected it the most and since autumn I have been dealing with Mark in this topic. As for the firmware version V6, I managed to become a beta tester and I will tell you that it will be worth installing this version as soon as it appears. The program has a lot of settings and you can further personalize the vehicle, cruise control appeared (even in sabvoton), maintaining speed, legal and offroad modes (it was before, however, there were some changes in operation) individual personalization of assistance modes, PAS boost mode and the whole range of measurements related to power, temperature, battery capacity and many other indications and settings (it is difficult to describe everything here). This time the MPe was connected to Sabvoton SVMC7280 (M). Thanks to Mark's support, everything was connected without major problems and achieved full functionality. All I have to do is test this announced Maxicolor display. The display was purchased at the beginning of spring and was already waiting for me at my time, which thanks to Marek came a little earlier than I expected (for which thanks!) And I will be testing the whole set from today. However, I can safely write now that if someone else has not decided to buy MPe for some reason, in my opinion it is worth buying it becouse it is doing the work that You expect from it. Moreover, like the whole bikel.pl team. This entry came out a little long, but you it has to be like that 😀."


After uploading the new MPeV6 firmware:

„So I have it😁! The first impression WOW. Until now I had a problem with a good adjustment of the PID regulator so PAS was pumping me a bit. I got so used to it that when I went to V6 today I didn't recognize the bike. I didn't touch PID settings and everything is fabulous. Zero pumping. Boost is cool but you have to get used to using it safely. The instructions after printing is like a phone book, even car manufacturers do not give such. The only delicate minus is I have buttons close to the grip and it seems to me unintentionally changing the assist mode but it does not matter. I am very pleased and thank you to bikel.pl for how the system has evolved. It's an absolutely new quality."

„It can be seen that MPe v 6 is refined in detail."
„Epic! A piece of beautiful work."

„After all, this is all what e-bike users want to have in their controller after driving several hundred kilometers"


Meeega design, I really like it. It is fully universal and refined. Respect Mark 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍"


Mpe 5 works great, I am waiting for 6 today 50 km"  

MPeV6: „Fuc... great I can't imagine an e-bike without this computer. Everyone should have it."


„Hey, after the winter break (extended with viruses) I was very happy to learn about the features of the new version of MPe. In my opinion, the changes are very well thought out, features are added that were a little lacking in the already great MPe5, which I had the pleasure of installing and testing in an electric tricycle, which I constructed for my daughter. 

Currently, I am coming back to the completion of the construction (I am adding some mechanical and decorative details) and as soon as the sun shines sharper and the idiotic ban on access to forests and recreational cycling (unlawful) is lifted, we will start riding together here and there.

I am very interested in the new display and operation of the MPe6 version firmware!
And something very important for the undecided !!! Marek is eager to telephone and e-mail, matter-of-fact and with commitment helps in the installation and setting parameters of his construction.
Such a professional and committed support can rarely be found, so you can rest assured that if something does not work for you immediately, you will not be without help. I would recommend!
I keep my fingers crossed for the development and success of MPe - really VERY GOOD in terms of engineering, firmware and functionality, and most importantly the construction so much needed for e-bikers !!!
Regards Mark!"

„I would like to share my opinion about shop.bikel.pl and MPe.

I found product information on the "Taba na rowerze" channel as I was digging through the internet searching for and supplementing knowledge about e-bikes. Mark from bikel.pl presented his product, which was exactly what I was looking for, because I didn't want too large displays for me on other websites. I meant that the display should be small and contain important information about what is happening in e-bikes. It is very well made and in my opinion it looks great. MPe has cool features. Quick switching between legal and off road modes, power gradation, cruise control, all information about what happens with the equipment while driving and supervision of temperatures safely cutting off as we exceed the allowable and many other functions. In addition, the android app and the ability to display all information on the phone screen as well as changing the MPe configuration via bluetooth. To this must be added that the purchase and contact itself went quickly and efficiently. Before I bought the product, and actually before I did the conversion, I received a lot of valuable advice and instructions from Mark from the construction of the component box, construction of the spot welder to the sensible combination of components as well as their connection and protection against damage. All knowledge is contained on bikel.pl channels (blogs and youtube). Plus some phone calls and emails. Well, you have to admit that a lot of valuable help. It should also be praised that bikel.pl did not stand on it, but develop their product through new firmware and versions. I keep my fingers crossed for the further success and development of Ann and Mark. I am very happy that this is a product and idea from Poland. I have to add that Mark is a very nice man and he will definitely help you in the subject of e-bikes. I am already after the first tests and everything works very well.
I highly recommend it."


Website about MPe so I decided to write something about my computer in Falcon V2 (Mxus 3k turbo v3). First of all, I thank Mark for his help and time spent installing MPe, the advice was priceless. Secondly, he solves service matters in a flash - thank you too. MPe itself: when it comes to working with Sabvoton ML45 it works without any problems. He reads the temperature without errors, transmits the brake signal, and the operation of the thumb throttle without problems. Regen also works without problems (this is just the ML45 function but I mean that plugging in MPe does not affect it). The display is indeed small but I immediately say that there is no time to look at it because you need to watch the road, i.e. its size is not a problem. If you want to have a larger screen, I recommend a smartphone via bluetooth. And - the most difficult thing about installing MPe was screwing the wires and inserting them in these tiny holes ;-). In short, I recommend. I'm very happy."

A great patent with a battery plus terminal for charging connected via the powerpcb module. You can at one connection measure the charging and discharging current, that is, two things at one go, a beautiful solution. Your design has more potential, nicely designed, thoughtful, etc. And a compact display, not a TV screen on the handlebar, great"

Hey. I ordered MPe from you some time ago, but only now I had time to connect it. At the beginning I had a problem with the belt because the bike waved a little. But somehow I managed to tune it and it's great. I am sending you photos of my Kariva. Good luck with your project. Greetings"

I would like to thank you for the computer. Everything works like a dream. Thanks again and best regards"

I managed to connect MPe. I was already on the first ride and I'm happy. In mode 4 I would like a little more power, but it's probably a matter of tuning. The main thing is that I have a preview of the temperature because at least I know how I can torture my machine. I live in the mountains, and here it is not difficult to overheat the motor. Once even MPe disconnected it before overheating ;p. I do not know yet how the throttle works, because I heard that it can be set somehow, but for now it is cool. Respect for the project."

Hi Mark. I am after the first kilometers with your computer. It works fine. It bothers me a bit that this display is so small because you have to look at it sometimes. Well, neither am I going 20; p. I am waiting for this larger display, because something has hit my ears that you are planning a bigger one. Let me know, I am the first customer to buy :). Well done for the project and best regards, Piotr."

Opinion on YouTube: 
„Mark, you are like a Chinese factory with a production manager, electronics engineer, nerd programmer and customer-user in one person. You did it pretty well."

Opinion on YouTube:
Fuc *** great project, I admire 👏"

Hi, it's all great, Mark, you figured it out with MPe. I just got the package, I'm connecting tomorrow. You have a head, man."

I just finished assembling the computer and started it for the first time. Everything worked immediately, except for the correct temperature reading from the NCT10k, which resulted in the lack of the throttle signal at the controller output. It was necessary to set a higher value in MPe than those to which temperature sensors were assigned for it to work. I have a Rapid 2000 engine and there is only one cable from the temperature sensor, so the update hit me perfectly."

Opinion on YouTube:
I really like it because it is very discreet."

Opinion on YouTube:
Really great. For me, this screen could be bigger. But it still looks encouraging 👍."

Opinion on YouTube:
I am very happy that a Pole can. What 3D printer do you print these covers for the meter and battery box? I think that to put all these functions into some nice 300x200 pixel display in color, it would be a global hit. Bafang would be ashamed probably, Brose and Shimano too."

If you would like to express opinions on our activities and MPe computer, please write to us in the contact form or on our social media. Every opinion is important to us.

Thanks for your support in the project 😊.

We also invite you to see more photos of our clients' designs, using an MPe computer: https://ebikecomputer.com/photo-gallery/


Bikel.pl crew


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